Handmade Cloth Face Mask

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DOES NOT include a filter for mask

**Due to high order volume I ask that you please be patient with me! Working my hardest to get these made and shipped out as quickly as possible!!***nonreturnable-non refundable*I donated a batch of homemade masks to our local front line workers but have been asked when they would be available for the general public! If you work on the front line I would love to send you a free mask so please reach out sarah@Rudylou.com Taking donations for donated mask materials on venmo @RudyLou Please keep in mind, these are NOT medical grade masks and do not prevent COVID-19 or any other virus and do not replace proper masks such as n95's. Turnaround time is about 5-7 days and are made to order. Materials will be up to my discretion will post photos soon of darker and more masculine and some very vibrant colors as well!